Company Policy


    1. Quality Policy:

▸ Execute the construction works to ensure that  the quality satifies design, standards, rules and  regulations.

▸ Continuously improve the work quality to  satisfy customer’s requirements

▸ Identify and provide adequate resources to  ensure the effective implementation of its  quality management system.

▸ Execute the construction works as scheduled to  ensure quality for customers

    2. Safety and environmental sanitation policy:

▸ Create favorable conditions for workers to take  measures to ensure labor safety and hygiene  during their working process

▸ Support the prevention of occupational  accidents, ensuring labor safety and  environmental hygiene standards.

▸ Fully comply with safety labor safety and  environmental hygiene measures during the  working process.

▸ Consult on environmental hygiene and labor  safety as prescribed by the State

    3. Image development and promotion policy:

▸ Regularly maintain the quality management  system to improve the quality of the works,  ensuring sustainable growth for the Company.

▸ Facilitate to improve the knowledge for all  staff, to master the advanced technologies so  that they are qualified to fulfill their assigned  tasks and constantly improve the services  towards highly specialization, focusing on  work performance and ensuring the quality  of services to meet all requirements quickly,  creating long-term confidence for customers.

▸ Promote all resources, expand investment,  apply and innovate technology and equipment  in order to improve works quality, shorten  construction period, develop a reputable image  with customers